Business Coaching

If you have a creative business that you've been working in, but you're at that stage where:

  • your business is growing fast by word of mouth
  • you're getting busier and finding it hard to keep on top of things
  • you want more free time for yourself
  • Diamond
    you think you should hire someone but you're not sure how to, or how much you can spend on them
  • Diamond
    you want to grow your business to the next level
  • Diamond
    you want some guidance with what to do next...

Then send Joyce a message, and she'll let you know if she can help.

Photography & Videography

Joyce has nearly a decade of photography experience, but also runs a video production company! For your business video production needs, head over to her New Heights Media website.

Joyce specialises in natural, candid photography. Her strengths lie in capturing the emotion of special moments at precisely the right time, such as:



just being children :)


and pets

For your photography needs, send Joyce a message, and she'll let you know how she can help.

Online Piano Lessons

​has over 15 years of teaching experience. Five years ago, Joyce began teaching piano lessons via Skype and Facetime, so she could travel the world freely and still continue teaching.

If you would like to learn the piano, keyboard or music theory, send Joyce a message and she'll let you know how it all works.


If you have a DSLR camera (or a smartphone with a camera) and would like to learn to use it better, come along to one of our practical workshops. You will learn about all the different camera settings - depth of field, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focus points etc... and how these can completely change the look of your photos when you adjust them.

After going through the camera settings, you will learn the basic principles of photography - composition, framing and lighting, we will spend time learning to edit your photos on Lightroom to make them pop!