Joyce started learning the piano when she was just five years old. She began teaching when she was 15, and founded the Young Musicians Academy in Brisbane in 2011. 

Her music school grew from just piano lessons, to a team of 30 teachers who tutored a wide range of instruments across various locations in Brisbane. 

In 2017, Joyce sold her music school to pursue a career in photography and videography, and is now the founder of New Heights Media. 

Joyce's passion for music thrives to this day, believing that 'music is a universal language that anyone can enjoy'.

Online Music Lessons

Whether you have Skype, Facetime, Zoom or Facebook Messenger, you can learn the piano online. All you need is a keyboard or piano, a computer or ipad and a good internet connection.

Joyce has been teaching online piano lessons for the last 6 years, well before it became popular ;) She has students learning online between ages 5 and 65!

If you would like to sign up for a one-off piano lesson with Joyce, book in here:

Online Piano Performances

Disney, classical, pop… what music do you enjoy? Send through some of your favourite song requests! 

Joyce is a classically trained pianist who loves Disney as well… but she’s always happy to learn new music for you.

If you would like a personal piano concert online, book Joyce here:

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