$5 music lesson, anyone?

With more time at home now... why not learn a new skill?

Try a piano or guitar lesson for yourself, your children...

or have a family group music lesson! 

Online Music Lessons

Whether you have Skype, Facetime, Zoom or Facebook Messenger, you can learn the piano online. All you need is a keyboard or piano, a computer or ipad and a good internet connection.

Joyce has been teaching online piano lessons for the last 6 years, well before it became popular ;) She has students learning online between ages 5 and 65!

If you would like a $5 one-off music lesson with Joyce, book in here:

Setting Up For
Online Music Lessons

Online Performances

Disney, classical, pop… what music do you enjoy? Send through some of your favourite song requests! 

Joyce is a classically trained pianist who loves Disney as well… but she’s always happy to learn new music for you.

If you would like an online performance by Joyce, book here:


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Before taking up photography and videos, Joyce had a music school...

Joyce began teaching when she was 15, and founded the Young Musicians Academy in Brisbane in 2011.

Her music school grew from just piano lessons, to a team of 30 teachers who tutored a wide range of instruments across various locations in Brisbane.

In 2017, Joyce sold her music school to pursue a career in photography and videography,and is now the founder of New Heights Media.

Joyce's passion for music thrives to this day, believing that 'music is a universal languagethat anyone can enjoy'.

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