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In Joyce’s online course and personalised coaching, learn how to seamlessly get from Point A
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With nearly two decades of experience in various creative business fields, Joyce has gone
through the exact struggles you are going through right now. 

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The 3 Biggest Mistakes Creatives Make

When Turning Their Passion Into A Profession (And How To Avoid Them!)

What Others Say

About Working With Joyce

When I was struggling with choosing my own next steps, it made perfect sense to reach out to Joyce. Sometimes, all you need is a person who is willing to listen to you "ramble on" for 30min about everything you're thinking about. Someone who enjoys piecing together puzzle bits, reflecting your own thinking out loud, and is paid to do it, so you don't feel so bad (trust me - your partner will THANK you for finding Joyce!)

During our coaching session, she really listened to me. It felt informal, friendly, and relaxing. Yet she had some really great insight about my goals and helped reset some mindset blocks I was having.

I'll also add that
thanks to her varying interests and experiences, it was nice to have her very good, professional advice not just on my "next steps" but also on video ideas, my landing page, and even how to communicate to my clients better.

I highly recommend Joyce to anyone needing a friendly coach to just take all your floating thoughts and stick them into a delicious, easy-to-dissect apple pie. It was awesome and I feel a lot more confident now!


Piano Teacher, Brisbane

After a decade working for myself, I have honed my cinematography skills to mastery. At the same time, the business side is a tangled thread inside my head.

When COVID-19 hit, it basically wiped out my whole diary and I knew something had to change.

Joyce asked about my business strategy & goals - the very foundation of a strong business. I told her since I don't have to report to anyone, it's all in my head. She said,”No one can read your mind, so let’s get it down on paper.”

She then guided me on untangling the tangled thread in my head, and finally - I can see lights at the end of the tunnel.

Joyce is a generous person and genuinely loves working with people. I won't hesitate to recommend her to others who need some clarity in their business.


Cinematographer, Third Tree Creatives, Sydney


The Art Of Creative Business

As a creative, we put our heart and soul into what we do… but sometimes we think or feel that:

  • we can’t get enough consistent work to support ourselves, no matter how hard we try
  • we are stuck doing our day job and there’s not enough time to work on our creative dream
  • we create beautiful works of art, and no one seems to notice

In this book, Joyce shares her stories and experiences to help inspire and empower creatives to change the way they currently think. Here they can learn how to turn their passion into a successful business.

Who is Joyce?

Joyce Ong is a creative business chick, six time author, educator, serial entrepreneur, international photographer and videographer… with the unique ability to think from both a creative and business perspective.

She built a music school from the ground up, sold it, and has now founded New Heights Media, her video production company.

Joyce is passionate about helping creatives get better at business, and loves travelling the world photographing musicians and wildlife.

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