Helping you BUILD
your creative dream

7 Life & 7 Business Lessons to Build Your Dream Creative Business

As a creative, you put your heart and soul into what you do... but what’s next?

  • How do you step out, market yourself and BE SEEN?
  • How do you manage the quiet and busy periods to create consistent income that allows you to hire and manage a team?
  • How do you create frameworks that make time for you to build your creative dream?

In this book, Joyce shares her stories and experiences to help inspire and empower creatives to change the way they currently think. Here they can learn how to turn their passion into a successful business.


Joyce Ong is a creative business chick, six time author, educator, serial entrepreneur, international photographer and videographer… with the unique ability to think from both a creative and business perspective. She built a music school from the ground up, sold it, and has now founded New Heights Media, her video production company.

Joyce is passionate about helping creatives get better at business, and loves travelling the world photographing musicians and wildlife.