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Joyce is a multipotentialite: someone who has many different interests and creative pursuits.

You have landed on Joyce’s website about event photography… but that’s not all to Joyce! Her other superpowers are:

& Music Photography

video production

speaking and workshops

Wildlife & Music Photography

Wildlife, music and travel are Joyce’s passions in a nutshell.

Capturing wildlife on camera is one of Joyce’s favourite things to do. She is involved with Sydney Wildlife Rescue, taking photos and creating video content of their rescued animals for social media. Joyce travels to exotic locations such as Costa Rica and Africa for weeks at a time, and loves to create Wildlife Art with the pictures she takes. It’s her goal to work for National Geographic one day! You can check out Joyce’s Wildlife Art here.

Joyce has also been on tour with Jessica Mauboy, Dami Im and Marina Prior, and photographed well known artists such as Shakira and Tommy Emmanuel. You can see more of Joyce’s music photography here.

Video Production

Joyce is the founder of New Heights Media – a video production company that creates bespoke content for professional speakers, coaches and thought leaders. You can find out more about New Heights Media here.

Joyce is also filming an elephant doco called “Through Elephant Eyes” with the team from Girl Director. They spent a month in South Africa in 2019, and will be doing further travels in 2020 to complete this extraordinary documentary, which focuses on telepathic communication between these gentle giants. Here is the trailer.

Speaking & Workshops

Joyce runs workshops and speaks on all aspects of video production, including:

How to shoot video on your phone
Best ways to script and plan your videos
Setting up camera gear
Hiring and communicating with video editors

Here are what previous workshop participants have to say:

​Professional Speakers Australia

Just Shot On My Phone

Joyce also speaks about music education and business productivity and systemisation
​- specifically on Google (Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive).

After 17 years experience teaching music, Joyce now helps other music teachers grow their schools. She built a music school from the ground up and sold it in 2017, before launching fully into photography and video production. Here are some links to podcasts and articles in the media where you can learn more about Joyce.