If you're looking for someone to creep around inconspicuously, snap away, take some video footage and NOT get in anyone's way... then I'm your girl!

I LOVE taking photos and making videos. I first started my journey in 2010 with wildlife photography. It takes patience when you're out photographing wildlife - waiting for the perfect moment to snap the camera... and after a lot of practice, I can safely say that I think I'm pretty good at "getting the shot!" Whether it's a bird in flight or a muso mid leap on stage at a gig (music and wildlife are definitely my two favourite things to photograph)... or your kids laughing while they play, you speaking on stage at a big event - you can rest assured I will capture those candid moments

Now, another thing I'm really good at - is finding people who are really good at what THEY do, and bringing them on board to help YOU achieve YOUR vision. Our team consists of professional videographers, film makers, photographers, directors, script writers, video editors, animators, graphic designers, actors, voiceover artists, and musicians. Each and every person in our team specialises in a certain area, and are just AMAZING at what they do. Frankly... I'm SO lucky we are all working together and I love our team to bits!

You know what else is really cool about our team?

We aren't JUST creatives. We also know about business strategy and marketing.

We aren't JUST business people. We know how to bring creative ideas to the table to make a bigger impact on your audience.

So if you're after incredible business videos that are simple, easy and FUN to shoot... that will look amazing but also get your message across to your audience with a great strategy... then send me a message!

Oh hang on... this is the "About" page isn't it... ermmm well... when I'm not taking photos and making videos, I'm most probably being lazy in bed watching Netflix with my dog, teaching or playing the piano, or being a bit of an IT nerd and figuring out computer software stuff haha!!

But seriously, I'm passionate about what I do and so is our team. Send me a message and let's chat!