Joyce Ong is a creative business chick, six time author, educator, serial entrepreneur, international photographer and videographer… with the unique ability to think from both a creative and business perspective. She built a music school from the ground up, sold it, and has now founded New Heights Media, her video-production company.

Joyce has always loved being creative - through art, drawing, creative writing, playing piano, flute, guitar, and now photography and film. She always knew she didn’t want a regular job, and could never understand why people were so excited to finish school or university so they could go and sit at a desk for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and only have weekends to themselves… it baffled her.

So Joyce stuck to her strengths, got her A Mus A diploma on piano, did a Bachelor of Music, and started teaching piano… then all of a sudden, she had a music school with 30 teachers and hundreds of students allover Brisbane.

Then she realised,

“Erm….. I know how to teach piano, but I don’t actually know ANYTHING about business….”

And so began her business journey. Over the past seven years, Joyce has immersed herself in business groups, learning like a sponge and applying those learnings to her music school. In 2017, Joyce sold her music school and started her photography and video production company, New Heights Media.

Joyce believes that unlike many, who are purely creative OR business oriented, she has found a very nice balance between the two different worlds. She is passionate about helping creatives get better at business, and loves travelling the world photographing musicians and wildlife.