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Now, before I start, I just want to say that I’m not your usual entrepreneur. I I’m a little quiet Asian girl who keeps to herself. I don’t make millions of dollars, but I DO have 2 accidental businesses that have developed and grown out of my love for what I do. It’s a story about my 3 passions  – music, travel and cameras.

I’ve been teaching piano in Brisbane since I was 14. Throughout school and uni, i would teach every day and I loved it…until one day I had too many students. I hired my eldest student and she began teaching with me, and Young Musicians Academy was born in 2011. Over the last 5 years we have systemised and expanded, and now have over 30 teachers who teach a wide range of instruments all over Brisbane. I hired our amazing business manager Tom, who runs the Academy in Brisbane. We actually just had our Christmas Concert last weekend!

I’ve always loved taking photos and making videos, and with the music academy under management, I moved to Sydney and decided to turn my hobby into a business. Visible Video was born and we just had our first birthday! One year ago, it was just me with a camera, but now we have an amazing team of videographers and editors, as well as happy clients all around Australia. Now Visible Video is nearly systemised, next year I’m planning to create online courses to teach other business owners to do exactly what I did. Start a business they are passionate about, build a team from scratch, outsource and delegate tasks, manage people and create more free time for themselves to follow their dreams. These two lifestyle businesses allow me the time freedom to continue following my passions. In fact, right now I am travelling around Australia, filming Behind The Scenes for Dami Im’s Music tour. I’ve managed to combine my three passions of music, travel and cameras and am absolutely loving life!

If there is any way I can help you, please send me a message.

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